About Western Bid, Inc.

Western Bid was found in 2001, and, since then, the company works as commission-based trading assistant.  Western Bid provides various intermediary e-commerce based services to online sellers (i.e. Western Bid's Clients) from ex-USSR countries. Western Bid provides the following services to it's Clients: product advertising, customer support call center, consignment and escrow services, dispute resolution, return product processing, warehousing, order fulfilment services and web listing design. 
As an intermediary, Western Bid connects you to sellers, vendors and suppliers from outside of United States that offer products to online community via various online auctions and web stores, and we help you with the returns if needed. 
We work with more than hundred qualified and verified Clients, and most products are shipped directly from Client's warehouses to your door. Western Bid might assist you in getting more information about the products you are interested, supply you with the shipping information or even provide you with the list of sellers of the handmade and collectible items you looking for.
As a product shipper, we might collect purchases in our warehouse for further shipping abroad to our Client’s home addresses. Clients have several options in how they wish their items to be shipped, depending on the item’s weight and measurements as well as time preferences for the delivery. Clients can also request Western Bid to check the item’s condition and its conformity with the seller’s description. By using our online system, our Clients can track all the stages of their purchases including tracking numbers for the shipments.
Western Bid's legal documents:
Rates and Fees:
Rates and Fees are applicable to Western Bid clients only, third parties do not pay any fees to Western Bid.
Contact us:
Our phone number: 1-763-545-1768
Our fax number: 1-763-546-9286
Our address:
Western Bid, Inc.
407 Lincoln Road, Suite 6H
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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